Sunday, February 24, 2008


The news from the legislature just seems to get funnier everyday. ( not Ha Ha funny)
More on this, "we are ridiculously lost and confused"....
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HOUSE Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Ray N. Yumul said on Friday that a balanced budget will be passed on Thursday this week. The administration proposed a $160.1 million budget but the committee has increased this to $164.25 million. Yumul, R-Saipan, said the figure is still “under the governor’s resources he has identified — $171,368,000.” If his bill fails to gain support from the other members of the House, Yumul said they may have to consider “raising certain fees for government services.”
Does this sound, to you, as something to be passed on Thursday? Yeah, Thursday, Some month, Someday, Some year. How is it possible the budget keeps rising as resources keep dwindling? Why do I get the feeling this isn't even gonna work, or even come close to working? And finally what government services do they suggest they raise? Should they not hold public hearings just to amuse us before they cram them down our throats and up our asses? Same shit, different year, different legislature.....

And Check This.... The Story Here
Lawmaker Offers Solution to Precinct 3 Water Problem:
LOW or lack of water supply continues to plague the central area of Saipan on a daily basis, according to Rep. Francisco S. Dela Cruz. He suggests that CUC “begin drawing up and implementing a daily standard operating procedure (or checklist).” A water watch personnel “shall be responsible for completing a daily checklist,” he stated.
CUC's REPLY: We don't have the necessary personnel and are short of money for this operation. We will need additional funding, maybe CIP Funding can be used... We also need legislative approval for more FTE's.
Are we now down to offering 'suggestions' to solve the incompetency of CUC? Why doesn't CUC itself implement the necessary procedures to offer reliable services? Maybe we all could send suggestions and tell them what to do. My first suggestion is to put up a public suggestion box, right where the line forms to pay the power and water bills.

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