Tuesday, February 19, 2008



On the local news tonight, KSPN2, they were asking for the local community to help with keeping the college from loosing it's accrediation. They said the school is in dire need and all should pitch in.
Now do I not get this or have I got it wrong?
Didn't we elect a government to take care of this? Do we not pay them for doing this? Aren't the directors appointed by the government or someone resposible that we elected or pay? Are they not getting paid to do this? Did we not do our part to have a college? So why the hell do we need to do more? Aren't the ones elected and/or appointed to do this job, doing it? Then they must all be thrown out and replaced with competent people who can do the job. That's the peoples job, to put the right people in place, not to do the job for them. If the public has to do the job then I guess the people we elected are not needed, what do you think? If they can't get the job done, get rid of the whole mess, axe their asses. Elect reliable people!
Here's a novel idea.... Let Stanley TLC Torres fire a few wild shots at 'um, demand all their records and cause more confusion, He'll help alot, don't you think? I just thought I'd throw that in for fun!
If the truth will be known it will be the hated U.S. government, the same ones that are so dispised for their meddeling in CNMI affairs, that will be ask to help, and they probably will save MNC and all the other responsible sorry asses!
Thats all!


lil_hammerhead said...

What do they want the "people" to do? Your right.. it's silly.

Why don't they start by asking those members of the Board of Regents, who are glaringly unqualified to step down. If they don't.. remove them. And make a pledge to never appoint a Regent who isn't educationally or occupationally qualified.

They're there to oversee the college, to make sure it's meeting its educational goals and its administrative goals and requirements.. and to oversee the President. The current problems of NMC are directly related to a history of poor oversite and lacking regents.

Anonymous said...

Topping the list- Charles Cepeda

Anonymous said...


Boy you are so powerful hiding behind your own skirt! You can say anything and think that we can never flush you out from the toilet. Be careful my friend, because we are getting closer to identifiying you. Don't forget that we have the connections with PTI so please do not say that I did not warn you.

You love to bad-mouth people and forget that we also have feelings. I agree that some of the things you say are true, but i suggest that you take it easy on us dumb chamorros.

For a better commonwealth please offer solutions and not just critize people. Afterall, you are the smartest person on the island.

lil_hammerhead said...

Hey "anonymous".. I'm waiting for the day that someone identifies me. It will be the day I'm on the road to riches. :}

As far as "dumb Chamorros" as you put it.. the fact is, the larger population of residents, whether they are Chamorro, Carolinian, Chiniese, Filipino, Stateside American, Bangladeshi or otherwise, are hardworking-loving-intelligent people, who are being screwed by the system.

I don't pick out ethnicities.

You might be Chamorro.. that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you are just, well, dumb.

lil_hammerhead said...

With regard to "offering solutions".. stop being on the defensive and read my comment. A solution is offered there. Reread it.

STUPEED said...

I'd place a bet 10 to 1 that Lil's husband would drop anon before he got within 10 feet of her.

Anonymous said...

The problems at NMC are long term problems. These problems need to be addressed quickly.

The main problem is the need for assessment of classes and programs. In the November 2007 progress report from WASC, it states "The decision to combine Program Review with Student Learning Outcomes poses some problems for future implementation as an ongoing Program Review process should be expected to consider a multitude of issues beyond those involved with the establishment, measurement and discussion of Student Learning Outcomes." What WASC is saying is that there is a start but it is too limited in scope.

WASC has also told the college to follow the Assessment Rubic that was developed by them. As far as I know this rubic has never been distributed to the staff and faculty of NMC. NMC needs to implement a comprehensive assessment program, following WASC guidelines, as quickly as possible.

As for the facilities, yes WASC does mention this as a problem, but they also say that there has been great improvement in them. Throwing money at NMC is not the answer.

The President has just asked for $3 million for improvement of the facilities. What happen to the $200,000 loan for this? Did all this money go to fixing the buildings at NMC? In the $3 million, the President of NMC asked for $1 million for an architectural study for a new campus. In this time of economic hardships, is this appropriate?

NMC needs to be more open with its finances! They need to stop keeping secrets from the public. Openness is the only way to gain public trust.

One last thought, how many other department heads get a housing allowance? The NMC President does.

bradinthesand said...

"Don't forget that we have the connections with PTI so please do not say that I did not warn you."

are you referring to espn's "pardon the interruption" with hosts tony kornheiser and michael wilbon?