Wednesday, February 20, 2008


On the scale of justice....
This should be fair, don't you think? Story Here
NOTHING personal.
This was
how Rep. Stanley T. Torres described his recent privilege speech urging for the removal of Department of Public Safety Commissioner Rebecca Warfield.
Asked to rate his dissatisfaction with Warfield on a scale of 1 to 10, Torres said, “the worst — more than 10.”
Nothing personal, Stanley but this is how I rate you...
On a scale of 1 to 10 I say, worse than worse -- more than 13!
He says DPS would be better off without her, I say the CNMI would be better off without him.
He says you can throw stones, (He said it was alright) I say you can throw them back! So duck Stanley here they come!


lil_hammerhead said...

Was "the Ole Coot" living here through the last several commissioners? One was a slimebag whose private vehicle had the most disgusting custom licenseplate on it, who walked around like Bob Guccione with a half-unbuttoned shirt and gold chains. You had the oaf who was at strip clubs all the time and reportedly had to be paged directly at the stripclub. You had a guy who was involved in public domestic disputes. And a couple of others who lasted all of a few months.

Give me a break. This is about the longest period I can remember, where a Commissioner was not in the paper every other week for some questionable behavior.

glend558 said...

It's roast Stanley month....

poor man's rodney dangerfield said...

...the best and most humane way to delouse stanley's beard is to shave it off, take it to the jungle and set it free.

how can i guy who bumps into everything on his way out of godfather's and hamilton's talk about other people driving drunk?

oh, and did i mention abyss?

the guy parks his ride right outside so it's no mystery that he's wasted when he hops in and drives away.

i seem to remember something about glass houses...but nothing about glass beards.

hey stanley, cram it up your cram hole!

hey stanley, why not pour another mcginnis down your throat to shut you the hell up before yammering about your next target?

hey stan the man, how about a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up?

hey stanley, just because you lost one of your balls in a high stakes poker game doesn't mean that you have to act tough to prove that you've still got it.

hey mc one nut, put down the pipe and live to drink another day.

hey beardowulf, you can't win them all. rebecca shot down your advances because she's not into sawed-off wana be haoles with shaggy ass beards and one nut. deal with it.

hey chamorro santa (who ironically happens to be jewish), why not get into the giving spirit and give yourself an oral enema?

hey pointless pontificator, just because you're the shortest guy standing on the soapbox doesn't mean that people think you're cute.

hey old man winter, you're surpassing ambrose in the race for wordiest wacko.

hey stanley, i heard you're a stand up guy. not down there though.

hey one ball short of a set, is that why you lean to the left when you walk?

hey mr. "i lost the other ball in a gay polar expedition into the naked stallion freezer," maybe greg cruz will suck the taotao semen out of your flacid flap of useless skin you call your tataga of terror.

that last one was kind of funny enough to end with...

glend558 said...

Maybe you can still hear me...
This is turning out to be one helluva roast!
Whos next?

bradinthesand said...

ha ha ha. i've been waiting to read more but no luck. time to start thinking about lunch plans.

lil_hammerhead said...

:} Wow, he knows way too much about Stanley. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow, poor man's good at this.

Anonymous said...

stanley is mad cuz rebecca was unwilling to slob on his knob. wait, slob on his tic tac.