Thursday, February 28, 2008


So Pete why are you flip-flopping on this issue? I have supported you unconditionally until now.
So why are you bending to the whims of the governor.
You do know Ben Fitial is fulla' shit, don't you?
Pete.. Read all of my posts supporting you.
But you say now...
Story Here
“Pass legislation that will cap the minimum wage in the CNMI at $4.05 an hour…which would remain in effect for a period of two years,” said Tenorio. “This will have provided workers in the CNMI with a total hourly increase of a dollar, which is a significant step toward a livable wage.”
Pete: When you develop your budget, can't you put into effect a $.50 per hour raise?? Gas just went up again. It is now over $4.00pg. Power has doubled. Could you live on this wage??
He said (You) the two-year wage hike moratorium will allow authorities to collect more data and “provide our business community the necessary time to restructure their business operations so that they can remain in the CNMI.”
Pete, Lets get real, You are the smartest person in an elected position, you need to be the one to help the people.
At the same time, Tenorio asked U.S. lawmakers to “assist us with resources to address our infrastructure crises so that we can reduce the cost of doing business in the CNMI, and provide breathing room for employers to pay higher wages.
Do you not have $57 million dollars of help waiting for someone smart enough to use them? What more do you want?
You need help, I'll help you . So don't bail out on me now!
Pete, if you ever read this, contact me! I'll help!


lil_hammerhead said...

Pete's lost my vote.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Pete won't be elected to his pet project position with or without our votes. He'll grasp at the governorship instead.

Pete drifts with the wind that fills his personal sails like most politicians.

He sold out earlier positions to accomodate this legislation because and only because it contained the sop he was looking for...the coveted (to him) non-voting delegate slot. It will be his 'legacy'. Something to show for the 10 plus million bucks he will have blown by the time he has served his 8 years in office.

lil_hammerhead said...

I don't think any politician supporting a halt to the minimum wage increase is going to win the governorship next election. In fact, I'd bet my dog on it.

bigsoxfan said...

Lil, I'll take your dog and raise you a fruit bat on that one. The electorate spoke and just barely elected Tina. No one cares, beyond their own narrow interests and the voters are the government. come back on this one after a few generations have passed.

Anonymous said...

Pete A made a public promise that six months into office as Teno's Lt. Governor, he will deliver 24/7 potable water to the people of Saipan. The promise was made in 1981.

Then, as res. rep., he offerred the suggestion that Saipan will have a water festival while he is in office. That was 4 years ago.

Where is the water Pete. Stop lying to the public.

When Pete A was against the feds, he wore a polo shirt that said something to the effect that he was a Tom Delay boy and harshly criticized Pelosi and Miller.

These two are still in Congress and they do not forget. The NMI will have a difficult time getting 5 minutes on the floor of Congress if Pete A gets the job.

Pete A has always been for Pete A only. Nothings changed.

Anonymous said...


When you accused Pete A of flip flopping, I really agreed with you. However, on your next post, you said that Pete A has a valid point about the minimum wage issue.

In my book, you are the fucken Flip Flopper.

Stick to drinking and pimping.

glend558 said...

Read the facts...

Anonymous said...

The late Ronald Reagan said something to the effect that "if you lie to me once, shame on you but if you lie to me twice, shame on me".

Well, Pete A. lied to the people twice and there will be no third time.

Pete A's lost my vote also!

Anonymous said...

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