Monday, February 18, 2008


I am referring you to an article written by Anthony Pellegrino and published in the Saipan Tribune ... The Story Here ... A must read!
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If tomorrow's newspaper headline were to scream out: WE ARE BEING ROBBED BY OUR FELLOW CITIZENS! What would you think? Would you get angry and want to know who is doing this? Or would you do as Pontius Pilate did, turn away and wash your hands feeling that it is not my problem?
So many crimes are committed by unscrupulous government and persons appointed by the government yet no one gets prosecuted or even reprimanded. One case that sticks out in my mind is the utter abuse of government funds by the now disbanded MPLA, as motioned here by Bill Weiss...
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On the subject of wasteful travel... please, someone (Governor Fitial?) tell the public what has happened to the OPA audit of the MPLA. Why have those people never been brought to justice for their outrageously flagrant abuse of taxpayers' money for their personal travel? Does the government allow this wanton abuse to continue? If MPLA could get away with this, then it sends the message to others that it's allowed behavior.
Our OPA finds and reports these findings over and over again, yet nothing seem to be done about it WHY??? There needs to be a stop put to this endless bleeding of funds, by that I mean outright stealing from the people. Get pissed off and demand the governor to have these people prosecuted!
My solution.. Give the OPA the power to prosecute and have the OPA director and the AG both elected by the people. This would solve the problem, right now!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive comments. It's amazing these crroks can get away with this for so long. However...there seems to be a change in the wind.
Bill Weiss