Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The show is coming..
I can't wait for this to develop. Here It Is..
Send in the mighty TLC
Torres Says Oil Firms Should Explain Soaring Fuel Prices
THE chairman of the House Public Utilities, Telecommunications and Communications Committee says he will invite the two oil firms on the islands to explain their decision to increase their fuel prices, again.
Well, well Stanley, what are you gonna do if they don't wanna come here? Call the DPS Comissioner? Ha! Ha! Burned that bridge!
Rep. Stanley TLC* Torres, R-Saipan, said the price increases imposed by Mobil Oil Mariana Islands and Shell Marianas should be investigated.
And just who do you suppose will do the investigating of these oil companies? Will it be a committee you form? Maybe your ghost employees? Will you expect them to do it themselves or are you just firing wild shots as a loose cannon again?
“The people are suffering,” Torres told Variety in a phone interview. “I will invite them to an oversight hearing and if they don’t come I will summon them. The Legislature has subpoena power.”
Now you are getting funny, you can subpoena them, and if they still don't come who will enforce it, the CNMI military? Boy scouts? TaoTaoTano? The little girls that slap your face?
Torres said reports reaching his office indicated that the two oil firms imported fuel on Jan. 25 and as far as he knows those have not been totally consumed.
As far as you know, how far is that? The length of your tic-tac-toe... ( I heard this one before and thought it was funny). Stanley you are nuts. (Or should I say 1 nut?)
Variety was unable to get a comment from the oil firms.
Guess you better call in the troops they aren't returning calls.... No comment from them. Buckle up this will be a war...
“My question is why did they raise the fuel prices when their supplies were ordered before (the crude oil prices hit the $100 per barrel rate),” Torres said.
Why are you asking the newspaper reporter, why don't you ask the oil companies, ever think of that?
“What are they trying to do? They have already millions in profits,” he added.
Again, another question for THEM..
Mobil and Shell executives have said that their operating costs in the Pacific are greater than what they spend in populated areas. They said the islands’ small population and geographic location make their oil operations costlier.
You can understand this, can't you Stanley?
Torres said it’s not fair for consumers to pay so much for fuel because the islands are already reeling from a decade-old economic crisis.
Now I know finger pointing is a favorite game of legislators for all their problems, but to blame the oil companies for the mismanagement of the government of the CNMI for the last ten years is completely ridiculous. Is this really how smart you are?
Saipan residents are now bracing for the higher power rates that the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. is expected to pass on to consumer.
Has the thought ever come to your mind that CUC and everyone involved in it, including you badly needs replacing. That would be a good start, now don't you think... I can't wait to see you, little man, take on two oil companies this should be akin to a freak show.. Run Stanley, Run....
*TLC - The Loose Cannon


bradinthesand said...

love him or hate him, at least stanley's actually doing something about cuc.

gotta love it.

and he is a marketing machine. how often is he in the paper? at least once a week.

that's called brand reinforcement. people definitely know who he is without the whole picnic table thing.

again, i don't always agree with him, but he's a character in a crowd of extras.

lil_hammerhead said...

Yeah, but do you really want Ralph Cramden or Archie Bunker part of the lawmaking process?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should explain some business principals to Mr. Stanley, such as, when costs go up, you don't wait until you have consumed every drop, yuo take some extra profict to help pay the higher amount of the next order. That's how it works. Plus of course it's nice to just make a few extra bucks to help cover all the little losses and extra expenses that keep coming up.