Friday, February 8, 2008



Take note of the new house address....

Good afternoon,
This is to announce the following meetings next week:
Monday, February 11 @ 9:30am, Speaker's Conference: Ways and Means Committee, on the cover-over funds and the FY 2008 budget
Monday, February 11 @ 1:30pm, House Chamber: House session, 3rd day (draft agenda is attached) 01_3rd_Day_02_11_08_Reg_Session_DRAFT.doc
Tuesday, February 12, @ 1:30pm, House Chamber: Presentation by CUC and EPA to the members of the Legislature on the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and updates on the operations and administration status of CUC
Wednesday, February 13, @ 8:00am, Fiesta Hotel: Legislative Prevention Day, presentations by Ayuda Network to the Legislature on diabetes, cancer, substance abuse, child neglect, and crime in the CNMI
Thursday, February 14, @ 10am, House: Retirement Fund presentation to JGO Committee
Also, kudos to House Floor Leader Rep. Joseph Camacho for creating a website where citizens can access bills introduced in the House and Senate while we continue to push for improvements in the official Commonwealth Legislature website.
Please visit . You can also post comments! =)
Thanks very much and have a great weekend,
Tina Sablan
There you have it....

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bigsoxfan said...

Public access brought the Berlin Wall down. Hope it will do the same for the political structure around your neck of the woods. Biba Tina. She's living up to her promises, which I don't expect to see from many of the candidates this time around. Finished my tag. Bon Appetit