Monday, February 11, 2008


Good afternoon,
Attached is the amended agenda, received this morning, for today's House session, scheduled for 1:30pm in the House Chamber. Two bills have been added, as well as communications from the Governor's office, and communications from Departments and Agencies.
Also, per the request of numerous citizens, I am attaching the directory of contact numbers for all House and Senate members, and the Legislative Bureau staff. Official email addresses will also be sent shortly.
Thank you,
Tina Sablan
01_3rd_Day_02_11_08_Reg_Session_FINAL.doc (92k) [Preview]
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PS... Will someone please tell me what happens when you click on the above links. I'm not sure what will happen. Let me know what you get. Thank you...


bigsoxfan said...

Glen, I get a page saying my yahoo session has expired. My yahoo mail program is running. My quess is the docs are still in your account. Let me sign out of my mail and try again

bigsoxfan said...

Same page.

glend558 said...

Thanks BSF, It was still in my mail wich would access for me. I wasn't sure what other computers would show. I had a feeling it wouldn't work. Now I took an old post and paste it in there that works better. You could read the last one OK?

bigsoxfan said...

This particular post still comes up with the session expires, but yes I was able to read Tina's notes from todays session. I can just picture old Stanley droning on. Why is it always someone else's fault? Not like he hasn't been there long enough to effect some positive change. Of course, to step into his shoes, I didn't do much for positive change, while I was on island. Beyond, knocking a few car window that is. Then again, I wasn't in the legislature. Quit bitchin, Stanley and clean up a beach, if that is all you are capable of. Yech.. Rant over.