Friday, November 30, 2007


Since TTT was instrumental in causing the lower power rates by requesting a vote grubbing re-election legislature to pass a bill, then override the governors veto of the bill, to have unrealistic power rates, that they should be held accountable for the shortage we face today. I had ask them several times what they planned to do about the problem but they seemed not to have any answers. So here we are faced with power outages again by these actions. The funny part, though not amusing is the rates are even higher today as a result of these wranglings, could anyone see that coming?
Here is the problem and part of the story...
CUC short by $2.5M for fuel payments
four days left before the next fuel delivery from Singapore arrives on Saipan, but the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. is still short $2.5 million to pay its supplier, Mobil Oil.
CUC spokeswoman Pamela Mathis said they have until today to pool collections to pay for the tanker shipment scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, Dec. 4.
She said CUC’s management had alerted the Department of Finance about the projected shortfall to avoid possible power outages due to lack of fuel. (The poor borrow from the broke.)
Here is where Taotao Tano comes in, ask them for the help needed to meet the shortage, they helped cause it! (It's time to pay the fiddler for the cheap dancing.)
Enough said. That's all


lil_hammerhead said...

You're right. They should come out publicly and ask Taotao Tano what there solution is for the $2.5 million. Other than "give us lower rates", which on the face I agree with.. they need to back that up with encouraging a reasonable plan to overhaul CUC operations and bring CUC back into the black. Everyone wants lower rates.. you're not going to get these just by yelling out "give us lower rates". They need to change their calls to, "what are CUC's plans to improve operations". I want to hear them. I'm sure alot of folks do. I don't think there are any real plans.

I say at this point, turn the entire operations over to a highly qualified private company. Let them tackle this. Knock out some basic short and longterm goals (i.e.- kwh price, generator replacement) and let them have at it. At the very least, they will streamline operations. We (the public) will know that the employees that are there are there because they're absolutely needed. They will have the means and obligation to repair and maintain the generators. They are more likely to provide better customer service. They will be more easily liable for overcharges. They will remove any question of unfair practices with regard to power installations. They will more likely manage inventory better. Etc.

glend558 said...

Lil you have been reading my mail. This is exactly the way to go. A simple fact is a business cannot operate with a deficit. You cannot have more cost then income. No one seems to put this in the demmand for lower rates.. You have. We would all love lower rates but they are not by demmand but by a plan. Lower rates can only come by having lower costs, plain and simple...