Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Why don't you jist leegislate that CUC only git the $50.00 dullar per burrl fuel. That would put a fixin' to all the high tootin' with the power rates, don't ya think? eh? Friggin good ideer ain't it? It is so simpeel, I wonder why you all couldn't have thunk of it your own selfs. Aye ya! ya coudda dun it wiff out muh help. Git workin' now! ..Cuz'in Bubba..
Taotao Tano president Gregorio Cruz Jr. yesterday slammed the lawmakers for “allowing the Executive Branch take control of CUC” through the emergency regulations that raised back the utility rates for residential customers. (Read post #762)
I can't resist, I'm gonna do it this time."I TOLD YOU SO!"
“I am disheartened by the news report that the rates are up again, considering the fact that we are the public and they [lawmakers] are the servants who work for us,” Cruz said.
He blamed people for being ignorant by voting the same lawmakers back into the office. DUH! Well who could have seen this coming? Aren't we all suprised by this?
“It is
safe to say that we the people created the problems upon ourselves,” Cruz said. “Where is the promise that the legislative body promised the people before the election that they would find a solution to CUC's shortfall?” No shit sherlock, they didn't keep their promises, what an insight! Who might have ever dreamed of this! Did this ever happen before?
Frank Camacho said the people he convinced to support certain lawmakers felt they were misled. “But the way things are going now,” he said, “we believe that the incumbent lawmakers during the campaign period voted to override it just because they knew a majority of people were discontented with CUC. Now, we are going backwards.” Well, DUH again! It's too late now!
Well cry me a river,
and fuck me to tears, whats a guy to do?


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Hilarious write-up Glen. Unbelievable that it took less than two weeks from the election, the absentee ballots aren't even counted yet, and voters are already standing shell-shocked, wondering "how did we get f...ed again?" The sick part is, all will be forgotten again come election time two years from now.

saipanboonieman said...

aiyaiyai! my poor people! they really taught dat dis guys r for reals? lanya! maybe no, cuz dey cannot rid dis blog dat dey dont nose! brad, maybe you can make pikchurs for your story so we can understan wachur saying!