Saturday, November 10, 2007


Here is some real backward thinking to go along with the continued backward sliding movement of this idiotic self-serving and greedy island... This is anti-business and anti-progression and will not benefit anyone! This will lead to more amendments, special exceptions and the eventual repeal of yet another knee-jerk law.
One of the major provisions of the new labor law increases workforce participation by U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Within five years, the number of locals in each company must be at least 30 percent of all employees. The previous minimum was 20 percent.
The new law prohibits foreign national workers from transferring jobs at any time before or after contract expiration. The only time an alien worker may transfer is when a Labor hearing officer allows it by administrative order. This means that, in order to move to a new employer, an alien worker must first file a complaint and prove to the Department of Labor that her rights have been violated by the former employer.
Furthermore, the new law provides an exit requirement. Nonresidents must leave the CNMI for six months during every three-and-a-half year period.

The exit requirement may be spread across the three years after Jan. 1, 2008 at the convenience of employers and employees.
Fitial said the exit requirement is designed “to prevent the aliens from making the CNMI their home and making them eligible for permanent resident status [under future federal immigration law].”
I don't know
about you but this is a shout out to all future guest workers and potential businesses that this place does not want them! If you come here to assist us we will fuck you, treat you as second class people and when we are done using you for things we, ourselves feel we are to 'good' to do, we will kick your ass out. Simple greedy racist shit that is prevalent and blatantly exercised here.
CNMI attorney Mark B. Hanson said the bill “might as well be called the ‘Omnibus Contract Worker Enslavement Act…or the ‘End of the Law Abiding Commonwealth Business Act…or some combination of the two.”
Federal Labor Ombudsman Jim Benedetto described some of its provisions “as mean-spirited and punitive, which will only reinforce the reputation of the CNMI as a place where workers are subject to rampant abuse.”
So here's the message to everyone. You really don't want to come here, you won't be appreciated, and here you are considered a lower class of people. So, for your own good.
Just stay away!
Only the messenger....
PS.. Absolute proof of the desperate need for prompt federalization of the labor and immigration system!
PSS.. Read the comments. Go to a progressive place, like Singapore. There is nothing but abuse for you here!!!!!


Jonas said...

Wow...!! They really don't make it easy for themselves do they...?
What is it they are trying to accomplish?? Is there a severe lack of space in the CNMI or something?? They've got the population thing backwards. Growing the population actually helps you grow the economy - especially when you can control the population growth the way they can in the CNMI. One of the main reasons for things being expensive and the economy having a tough time is the small population size... people want and expect the same type and level of services as a country with millions but there are only 75,000 to help pay for it... and a considerable proportion of those 75,000 are actually employed by the government - a cost-center as opposed to a revenue-center.

Singapore is actually trying to grow it's population from 4.5 million to 6.5 million... to further grow their economy. They're doing it by inviting people to live here and make this their home... so at least we know where all the hard working philippino's who are ready to produce, and support a thriving economy will go!!

glend558 said...

Jonas, your insight is always right on. The government here is mentally challenged and can't see shit...
I've given up to only being the messenger.. They will never listen...

Anonymous said...

This government's policies are consistent with a certain view towards alien workers. If you understand that you need alien workers to make your economy run, and you think of alien workers as the people who raise your children, build houses and roads and fix cars and nurse you in the hospital, then you want them treated fairly, and you are horrified if they are not. If you think "they are all illegal, and we intend to deport them," then this new law is what you get.

glend558 said...

ANON: Quiet rightly so and soon none will come. Then what??
Back to the boonies..