Thursday, November 29, 2007

809 WELL "DUH"!

When are these people going to learn that the legislature is just a bunch of bullshitters. I have been telling you this for the last half a year now. What will it take for you to understand this. Do you need to figure out the difference between 'may' and 'shall', why don't you ask a fifth grader, they will know.
Here is more stupidity, so get ready to shake your heads in utter amazement as to the brilliance in this following piece....
Taotao Tano blames lawmakers for passing defective law
12 of P.L. 15-97’s Section 2 states that “Residential consumers may be given up to one year to pay in full any outstanding balance on their accounts.” Cruz fears that the word “may” in the provision does not guarantee that what is being mandated will actually be enforced. He said he figured this out by studying carefully what “may” means. With such language in the provision, Cruz said CUC could interpret this to as meaning they don’t have to.(pay) Cruz said those who wrote the bill should have used the word “shall” if they were sincere about helping consumers. “Does the Legislature have legal counsels to read draft bills before they are introduced on the floor?” Cruz said, adding that he has a bad feeling the lawmakers “screwed up” with the law that they made. Well Duh! Too late again...
MAY: aux.v. Past tense might (mt) KEY
To be allowed or permitted to: May I take a swim? Yes, you may.
Used to indicate a certain measure of likelihood or possibility: It may rain this afternoon.
SHALL: past tense should (shd) KEY
Something that will take place or exist in the future: We shall arrive tomorrow.
Something that is inevitable: That day shall come.
To have to;
Cruz, let me say something here, you will go a long time before you get anything responsible out of capital hill, every one has been elected or re-elected, so they don't give a shit anymore.
You can beat your head against the wall, won't do any good now, never did, not now, not ever, never will. You are screwed again, it's gotta be tiresome and a little sore getting reamed all the time, but even a dog after you swat him a coupl'a times with the newspaper, takes off when he sees the paper coming out, you know, he figured it out. When will you?

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SteeleOnSaipan said...

I nominate GlenD558 for the legislature in two years!!