Thursday, November 22, 2007


I've seen the lists of things everyone is thankful for, so I decided to list the things that annoy me..
1- Power and water outages.
2- Power rates.
3- The crime scene..
a. The A.M.P. lights and the pathway light wire thefts.
b. Purse snatching.
c. Copper theft.
d. Robberies of businesses.
4- Sitting through power outages.
5- Polluted beaches.
6- Trash, Trash, Trash.
7- Graffiti on public and tourist places.
8- Betel nut spitters and betel nut spit.
9- Rude drivers going nowhere fast.
10- Speed bumps every block.
11- Dogs that bite.
12- People who think Liquor and Cigarette taxes are the answer to all shortages of funds.
13- BGR Taxes. (should be sales taxes.)
14- Bullshit and lies from elected officials.
15- Government redundancy and inefficiency.
a. Going to window after window to do one transaction.
b. The lines at these windows.
c. Rude government employees. (not all gov. employees)
d. 'He's in a meeting' 'off island' or 'just stepped out' phone excuse.
e. Getting a police clearance and paying $15.00 every time.
16- Sweating during power outages.
17- The governors attitude toward..
a. The US of A.
b. Guest workers.
c. Cohen and Benedetto.
18- Government nepotism.
19- New labor reform bill.
20- Slap on the wrist by judges for crimes needing stiff sentences.
21- My business closed during power outages.
22- And worst of all, the last but not the least....
The horrible music on MCV during sports games! Puke!
Now I'm not one to run around angry all the time and I'm a generally happy person but on the occasions when the above mentioned items pop-up they piss me off. So don't think everything is across the board but as you all know from time to time these things can bring out your ire...
Have a Happy Thanksgiving all...


lil_hammerhead said...

Hey.. you're supposed to ponder those things you're thankful for today! Happy Thanksgiving!

Paguroidea said...

I can't believe that the MCV music made 20 something! It should at least be in the top three!

glend558 said...

paguroidea: read it again I said it was the worst of all...