Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Did you ever witness a person buying a used car from a used car salesman who has no clue what a car even is?
The scenario:
A person knows that they need a car to get around, a necessity so to speak. This person however, has no idea what they need, how it works, what it should cost, what to look for, a total ignorance of any operations or functions of an automobile. Yet this person boldly strolls into the used car dealership and declares that they need a car and want to buy one. Well I'll tell you this is the car salesman's dream. A real dumb ass wanting to loose their money. At this point the salesman knows he can sell anything he has on the lot to this preferred customer. Dazzle with a little brilliance, baffle with a lot of bullshit, throw in a big smile, a few free promotional gifts that were gathering dust on the shelf, a coupl'a cups of coffee, and after a few hardy handshakes has sold the biggest piece of crap on the lot, for the highest price going, and has the idiot buyer going home thinking he's made the best deal ever.
Now you ask me why am I telling you this story? Because my dear friends this is an analogy of the voters here picking their government officials, they don't know how it works, if it will work and blindly choose to listen to all the rhetoric of the jibbering salesman. (this is sadly evident by this election) They listen to the loudest bullshitter, eat free food, and choose the guy who makes the most promises, cast their votes for him and go away thinking they did good. A relative is even better at this than anyone else!
Sadly the transmission will fail about a day after the check clears... or to put it into perspective, the promises will be forgotten the day after they are sworn into office.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Oh Glen, you had to use car salesmen for your analogy huh? We are so misunderstood!

glend558 said...

Shit I forgot, Sorry. You only sell new cars don't you? Actually its the buyer I was depicting not the salesman...I got the part of seeing the preferred coustomer right didn't I?

SteeleOnSaipan said...

I'm just kidding partner and I may even cop your slimy salesman photo for my profile......nahhhhhh. Well, maybe for a sidebar photo.