Monday, November 26, 2007


We are on the brink of a catastrophe, and who will do something about it?
What will it take for someone to step up and realize there is a huge problem here. Not that everyone don't know it, but who is going to make an actual attempt to really correct this? Will it take total blackouts, people in dire distress, someone dying or a island wide shutdown of all essential services to get someone's attention?
Here is the latest:
Four power engines down <--click here
Three of the four units still working need maintenance:
One of the four remaining power engines at Power Plant 1 in Lower Base broke down early yesterday morning, triggering an outage in some areas on Saipan and leaving CUC limping along with three engines that are also in need of maintenance.
Get your goddamn heads outta your asses and address this problen, it will not just go away, something needs to be done now!
Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way and let someone else take care of it..


bigsoxfan said...

I’m slow and a bit frivolous on my comments. Mostly because that’s the way I am, but on the subject of the CUC’ mechanical and financial condition (at least as far, as the expenses of running on imported Diesel fuel) I feel competent to comment. Damn, this is bad news. The engines are as old as I am, and I’ve worked on ships with engines of equivalent vintage. There is a life to metal, which can’t be exceeded and I think the engines on Saipan might be there. The lead time on ordering new engines is longer than anyone wants to consider, I’m talking months in excess of twelve. Expense? I don’t have any idea, but considerable would be a fair guess. Now, I’m feeling a little bad about wasting time on Middle Road last night perusing the comments and throwing the odd gallon of gas on the fire.

This is a serious problem and one beyond the resources of the gov’t to fix at the moment or anytime soon. That’s my two cents worth. I’ll send you some plumber’s candles.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

I'm afraid that your last paragraph may be right on the mark Marky Mark.