Monday, November 5, 2007



Yup, we're moving, some might say thats better than standing still, but in this case it's moving back! Let's see, we had 'pretty darn good' times, moved from that to 'better times,' that turned into 'bitter times' so we decieded 'pretty darn good ' times were better times then the
'bitter times' so we moved back to 'pretty darn good' times again, a step back in time. Probably the last republician governor, (I'll not mention his name to protect the innocent) should have run again to make this step back a total success. What the hell are all the 'good ole boys', returning to office again, gonna do without their leader? You know the 'pretty darn good' one? Life here is living in the rearview mirror, and will remain that way, backing down into the sunset.
We really should start looking back into that promising old industry just waiting to burst out of the gates and produce millions of dollars for and into our economy, yes I heard a hot tip about this new industry, it will be an old beginning for the backward moving CNMI... It's right there in the rearview mirror, right in the sunset, it's called THE GARMENT INDUSTRY!
We could back right into this as we look in the rearview into the sunsets of yesterday, this would accompany the backward movement of the government just placed into office. Yup, the good old days are here again, so keep looking back, and to all a good past.


lil_hammerhead said...

Glen.. you've got the right idea with this post, you just aren't looking back far enough. We'll be looking at copra and sugar cane if we don't get our shit together pretty soon. Boy won't that be fun. Husking and grating coconuts ten hours a day.

glend558 said...

I thought you had gone AWOL. I didn't hear from you for awhile.
The era you speak of I'm not familiar with, was it pre WWII?
I thought the midst of the garment was possiably the best its been.
I'm glad to see someone understands what I'm saying, anyway.

lil_hammerhead said...

:) Just needed a breather.

I understand your point about moving backward instead of forward. There will never be a "garment boom" again. The world has changed too much. There will always be the need for commodities like coconut oil and sugar. I wouldn't call the period when "Copra was king", the best of times however. Greuling work I'd imagine.