Sunday, November 25, 2007


We addressed certain things not to buy for women in an earlier post, well here are certain things one should never
SAY OR DO to a woman, or you could have one angry lady on your hands..... See photo.
Here they are:
- Don’t ever say in front of women that there aren’t any irreplaceable ones. It could happen that they would replace you without letting you know about it.
- Never tell a woman how great she looks when you are on the phone.
- Never tell women small lies. Save your strength for important stuff.
- If you have something you don’t need, never throw it away. Offer it to a woman. Let her throw it away herself.
- Never ask a woman’s opinion on any issue. She will give it to you anyway. And not just one time. And not just one opinion.
- Try to avoid the unexpected. Remember, the best surprise for a woman is the thing of which she told you a month ago and of which she reminded you every day since then.
- Under no circumstances should you let a woman for second suspect that you are capable of washing the dishes.
- Never call a woman by her best friend’s name.
- You should not send a woman to get beer.
- Never use logical arguments when you are speaking with a woman. Remember that in such cases you appear to her a complete idiot.
- Don’t give a woman ambiguous compliments. She will always take it the wrong way.
- Be aware, women are like cigarettes: once you try it, that’s it. The only difference is you could drop a cigarette and forget about it, but the woman can always come back.
- Never tell a woman that she is the best thing you’ve ever seen. She could actually believe you.
- Never try to explain to woman why you love her. She will never understand you.
- Finally, remember: there are many women, but there is only one of you.
Jot these down and keep for immediate reference as needed....

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