Thursday, November 22, 2007


A business or even your own household budget?
Well who coulda foreseen this coming? It wasn't the 'no budget' legislature, wasn't the financial experts, was it? Did anyone even have a clue this might happen and did anyone do anything to avert it? Take a look and see what I'm talking about.
Govt to borrow from 2nd quarter budget allocation:
The CNMI government is poised to dip into the January-to-March budget to avert a shortfall in the current quarter. Gov. Benigno R. Fitial told the Legislature on Tuesday that the advance funding for this quarter was “inevitable.” If this is not done, the government will not be able to pay for any obligations, including payroll, beginning Dec. 15, 2007. The Office of Management and Budget projects expenditures to total $47.5 million from October to December 2007. This is $7.5 million in excess of the quarterly allotment. “If nothing is done to avert budget authority shortfall, we will essentially run out of funding for the 1st quarter of FY2008 by 15 Dec 2007. All branches of government will be affected by the budget authority shortfall,” Fitial said in a letter to the Legislature.
Now I have a thought or two..
First- What are you gonna do in the second quarter, take from the third quarter? Maybe you can cancel the whole fourth quarter and through an executive emergency order, like you run CUC, just ignore it, pretend it won't happen like your head up your ass operation you continually run.
Second- Just think how far ahead you would be if you canceled the whole next year, 2009, hell you could be 'years ahead'.
Ha Ha.... It would be funny if it wasn't so sorry!
When are we gonna get some responsible people to run this sorry ass government, it surely won't come from the voters, so what possible solution is left... I'll let you decide that for yourselves...

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