Thursday, November 15, 2007


Fitial calls for Benedetto's head:
Gov. Benigno R. Fitial
says Federal Ombudsman James Benedetto is unfit for his job and must be removed from office. The governor cited three reasons he is calling on the federal government not to reappoint Benedetto to his labor ombudsman position: lack of qualifications, unsatisfactory level of performance, and unacceptable political partisanship. The Story
Is it really the factors listed above or is it the fact he's not doing what Ben wants, hence get rid of the guy? This speaks volumes about the governors own insecurities and paranoia. This is just another good reason for the feds to see his blatant opposition to all the feds want to do here and another strike to confirm a reason for them to take over.
This guy can't seem to get along with anybody, even his own appointees are getting the axe. What an unhappy man, the whole world is against him, and he fought so long and hard for this thankless job too. What can this guy do next to expedite the federalization, send them a 'Why don't you hurry up card?' We used to use an adage that went 'don't shit in your own Wheaties' the gov seems to be getting better at this all the time. If there is anyone to say the gov isn't getting better, well he's getting better at putting his foot in his mouth.
Do you think this guy doesn't read the papers or know what is going on? Can he really be as off base as it appears? Throw um out, off with their heads, it's my way or the highway.....
If this man used as much energy improving situations as he does trying to oppose them we would be years ahead. Just another swipe at the feds, how much will they take of this grumpy old guy before they completely ignore him and his bullheadedness?
Enough said...


Pj said...

Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.

Give 'em hell Jim!

saipanboonieman said...

you know, im inclined to think our governor's health problems are affecting his ability to think straight.

i too wonder sometimes about benedetto's intentions and dont always agree with him, but i think overall, he has done a good job in his time here.