Monday, November 19, 2007


Well who woulda guessed this, It's sure reassuring these people have an insight of this depth.
Here are some quotes that are news to us and we are thankful for the insight.
Diego T. Benavente, “The current administration’s relationship with some federal agencies isn’t really that good and it can be improved.”
Finance Secretary Eloy Inos, "The islands’ economy has already hit rock-bottom. We’re going to remain flat or we’re going to be on the upswing."
Inos also said, "The cash-strapped government is already resolved that the local garment industry is dying."
Businessman Juan S. Tenorio, The NMI’s economy is still spiraling downward. “We’re still going down."
Edward Salas, Salas said he had expected to win in the absentee voting. He said this indicated that the off-island Republicans voted Republican.
Alvaro Santos, “As it is with any competitive activity, some contestants come out as winners and some as losers,” Santos said.
I am so thankful for the brilliance and wisdom these people have bestowed upon us during a week of thanksgiving....


lil_hammerhead said...

I came across a couple of these today.. funny :)

glend558 said...

Let's all be amazed and hear them..

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the article in today's paper about the Gov. and the Lt. Gov. switching duties for the second 2 years of their term?

The Lt. Gov. will now be responsible for the economy while the Gov. micromagages all of the agencies and deals with personnel action, travel approval, etc. Becomes a clerk in other words.

This is simply too funny for words.

glend558 said...

I did catch that..
At the beginning Ben was to bring in so many businesses he wouldn't have time to run daily gov...
Tim would do that. Yeah..I got it..
What a fiasco...