Monday, July 30, 2007


Idioms:..We use simple phrases during our everyday life and conversation, kinda "off the cuff" without really thinking as to what they really mean, or to that matter, without thinking at all. Well lets take a look at some of them and think about them for a little while. Here are some samples to take a look at and try to decide just what they might mean or why we say them. Have you ever used or heard these terms?
"There's more than one way to skin a cat.".. Now just how many times do we need to skin a cat?, and do we need to do it differently each time?"
"She looked down her nose at him.".. Well I hope she didn't look up her nose cause then she may have only seen a bugger, and not really him.
"Bright eyed and bushy tailed.".. This can be only one thing... A squirrel on crack!"
"Can I bend your ear for a minute?".. Sure if I can poke your eye!"
"She's a party pooper.".. Not to popular I suppose. Just what does she really do? Poop at a party?"
"He was in a real pickle".. Is it OK to be in an artificial pickle? Just how does one get in and out of a pickle? Pickle doors?"
"It'll cost an arm and a leg.".. Do you really want it that bad to be crippled and without an arm? What can be so important to cause one to do this?"
"I was only pulling your leg.".. Well now I'm only kicking your balls!
These are some thoughts to ponder "till the cows come home." So see ya the next time I look at ya!...........GED.......

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