Thursday, July 19, 2007


KUDOS AND MANY THANKS SENATORS, THIS IS BADLY NEEDED! PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP OR LET THIS RIDE, WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU! Thursday, July 19, 2007....US Inspector General asked to audit CUC....Two local senators are asking the U.S. inspector general to audit the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. Senators Paul A. Manglona and Jude U. Hofschneider said they would have directed their request to the CNMI public auditor, but his office is understaffed and overwhelmed with many other requests. They added that a federal audit would be warranted under the Grant Pledge Agreement and the Operations and Management contract between CUC and the federal government. In a letter to deputy assistant secretary of the Interior David B. Cohen, the senators raised concerns about CUC's billing system and management practices. Manglona and Hofschneider also cited alleged mismanagement at CUC. They complained about the lack of regular maintenance to generators, line loss, and theft at the utility. They also reported allegations that portions of the fuel surcharge were being misused. For the whole story click here.. Saipan Tribune ......It's time to bring this 'out of control' madness under scrutiny. This reckless and irresponsible Crooked Utility Company needs to be choked by the neck and be held accountable, to bring this, Corruption Under Control. They are bleeding these islands to a very certain, and not a slow death, either. You have the support of every honest citizen that pays their bills on time. (Does not include the central government or power thieves.) This bides well at election time, and makes a lot more sense then wine sipping legislation bills at this time. ......GED.....

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