Monday, July 2, 2007


Now let me paint you a little picture. Lets say you were an employer and you chose a small group of people to carry out some highly important missions for you. You had an existing book of rules that they were to follow in carrying out their missions. Yet this group of employees decided amongst themselves not to follow the rules, but instead amended the rules, throwing some out and inserting their own rules, to benefit only themselves, against your will. Now you, being a very unhappy camper, request them to reinstate the original rules but they refuse, again amending them again for their own benefit. What the hell would you do? You would throw them out on their own dumb-asses and get some more competent people to do the job, now wouldn't you? Yes siree you would, the whole bunch of the "we know whats better for you, then you do, attitudes," you're outta here, see ya, hit the bricks, finished, done, kaput.
Does this have an eerie ring to it, like in our own House of Representatives? Lets look at some issues, but lets first start with some information...First: At one time the Open Government Act, included, well, the government, and all was well. Then the legislature decided it didn't want to follow these rules so they amended them. ( Sound familiar?) So they changed the rules to benefit only themselves (Familiar again?) Now upon the request of the employer. (We the people.) they are refusing to reinstate the original rules. (Familiar again?) Read on...Most lawmakers back transparency, but oppose disclosure of their financial records. TALK is cheap—which may be the case for some politicians. Only three of the 26 members of the Legislature surveyed by a citizens group pushing for more transparency in the government expressed reluctance to make the Open Government Act applicable to the legislative branch. Yet lawmakers also support a measure that will allow them not to disclose how they spend their annual miscellaneous funds of $150,000 each. So I ask you, what are these people hiding, what is it they don't want (We the employer) to know? Some make it clear they don't want to follow the rules....According to the bill offered by Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Covenant-Saipan, it will be up to lawmakers to decide whether to disclose their financial records. Others being the decision makers they are, the very reason for their being there, can't decide on this very tough matter.... Speaker Oscar M. Babauta, Covenant-Saipan, Rep. Crispin M. Ogo, Covenant-Rota, and Rep. Jesus SN. Lizama, Covenant-Saipan, said they don’t know whether to agree or disagree. For the whole story click on to..... The Marianas Variety
Kick the whole bunch out and get some new competent employees. (Sound familiar?)
Keep a clear mind when voting... ......GED......

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bartemius said...

representatives of whom???

more than likely; they represent themselves and a chosen few...

makes you wonder what else is really going on "our" island, doesn't it???