Saturday, July 21, 2007


PONTIAC TRANS AM , COME AND LISTEN TO MY STORY 'BOUT A MAN NAMED... Mark,.. Mark was one of my good friends. We were in Houston in the 1980's We kept telling Mark ..You are gonna loose your honeycombs (Rims) (click on pic to see rims) to the Mexican thieves. Well wadda you know , one morning Marks car was gone. Outta there, gone. The thieves not only stole the rims but the whole car too. Now this brings on the rest of my story... The police in Houston told us, never mind, your car is gone, report it to your insurance company... Well Mark did that, getting a really good deal from his insurance company. Well he did. He got a Olds Tornado, paid in full from the Trans Am's insurance policy. Now that was very good for him. Now here's my side of the story..He called me one day bragging about the good deal he got from his insurance company. I was very glad to hear his news, so I did this...Two weeks after he told me all about the good things that happened to him with a new car , I called him back. I said "The Houston police have found your car, and they want you to pick it up." "They said it was only burnt a little and the honeycombs were gone." Well this freaked him out, bad, not wanting to lose the good deal he got from his insurance company. He told me to get it and bury it, and never let anyone see it again, (now I must tell you how easy it was for us to to bury a car, with a D-8 dozer take a few swipes in the dirt, dig a hole, run over the car a few times, push the dirt back on top, and, presto it's gone.) Now here is the rest of that phone conversation when I told him I was only kidding... Why you idio6*(:#%$*#$)$#%^*n3$&*-!@3+#_@5J *658v_fucckk you..I think he was pissed.. The car was never re(un)covered.......GED......

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