Friday, July 20, 2007


'Uncooperative' He also criticized the local government, particularly CNMI Attorney General Matthew T. Gregory, for not cooperating with the federal government on refugee protection matters. According to Cohen, the CNMI has not responded to requests for cooperation by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In a most recent case, he said, Gregory declined a federal inquiry about a group of cases that have aroused U.S. concern due to possible foreign attempt at interference. Cohen said Gregory also accused the U.S. Departments of State and Homeland Security of “attempting to unbalance the scales of justice” by bringing up the issue. According to Cohen, Gregory's action “raises serious doubts about the CNMI's capacity to adequately carry out the refugee protection program.” For the whole story.. Saipan Tribune .. Now this should really boost the CNMI's stand against federalization, don't ya think? A real blockhead, all in favor of federalization give this genius a round of applause! I suppose he thinks he can thwart the U.S. government by simply ignoring them, I don't think this will work in any way shape or form. Thank-you A.G. for your unwitting support, our hats are off to you and your way of conducting business with your superiors. Way to go! .....GED.....


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Smokin' Matty G!

bigsoxfan said...

The fish wrapper has a little more, which didn't make to the tribune. "In his seven-page written testimony, Cohen described as “astonishing” and “troubling” the CNMI attorney general’s “refusal” to provide information requested by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State regarding the local refugee protection program.
This involves Falun Gong practitioners and supporters, and Variety learned that the Chinese government is interfering with these applications now with the CNMI Attorney General’s Office.
Cohen stated that the CNMI attorney general’s failure to distinguish between possible attempts to improperly influence a refugee protection proceeding within the U.S. and attempts by the relevant federal agencies to monitor and protect the integrity of a refugee protection"
Is it written that the CNMI is beholden to uphold all US treaties? And, how are the departments of State, H.Security, and Insular affairs, the superiors of the CNMI AG? Given, Labors' inability to sort out the more mundane cases brought before them, I'm doubtful they really need more complex refugee cases. The federal steam roller rolls on. I'll wait for the AG's statement, before casting stones.

glend558 said...

BSF: What color are your sox?
Do you have a blogspot? I'll add it to my list if I can get your url. Also I have a link to read the whole story, just click. Thanks for your input.

bigsoxfan said...

Red, of course. See post 21 or so (can't miss it, it's the one with the baby wearing a hat. I started the blog while living in Saipan, but I've moved to Mongolia (outer), so there is more about Mongolia than Saipan.
I enjoy your blogs and letters. don't let the bastards up, now they're on the ropes. I was able to get to know the ag somewhat, while on Saipan. I think he is an honorable smart guy with a creative imaginative personality, but a good soldier for his immediant superior. Of course, we know how that defense worked for Hermann G., Speer, et al..
I'm not against religous persecution( whoops, read; "protecting people from religous persecution"), but immigration can't handle anything as complex as that. Of course, I can't see the governor admitting that while he is sitting in his current hole. Friend of mine, who watched the hearings said the honorable governor was pretty quick to throw the ag to the wolves on the persecution issue.
The cnmi could build a good case for not supporting the falun gang types, but that would be admitting weakness and lack of competance, and that hasn't been their style. They seem to only demonstrated those qualities. Think about the problems with amnesty on the Cnmi. How many new unemployed workers would suddenly find themselves persecuted, if they went home? How quick would the chinese withdraw thier airlines if half the passengers jump ship on Saipan, and who on the island is capable of finding the truth in a persecution case. Hell, they can't even appoint a chinese translator without a public pissing match. I'm having trouble supporting the governments contentions on not federalizing immigration, although, I'm not sure the feds have cnmi's well- being anywhere on their radarscope.