Thursday, July 19, 2007


DEMOCRATS LOSE VOTE, TAKE THEIR DIAPERS TUCK 'UM IN THEIR ASSES AND GO HOME. What a bunch of babies this very group of "we will rule the world idiots," not only lost their vote but their dignity too it seems. So they took the whole bill, the one that supports the troops and withdrew it all. Some
excerpts ....Senate Democrats had staged an all-night debate, complete with cots for lawmakers to sleep off the Senate floor, in a dramatic attempt to wear down Republicans who refuse to vote to begin to bring troops home by fall.
Republicans responded with a yawn — agreeing to stay around and respond to any votes that might be scheduled around-the-clock but remaining steadfast in their opposition to the Democrats' anti-war legislation.
After the vote, Reid temporarily pulled the defense authorization bill that also includes pay raises for service members, missile defense programming, rules on habeas corpus rights for Guantanamo Bay detainees, equipment development plans and other policies that help shape the military spending bill for the coming fiscal year. ( I'm taking my ball and leaving! See.)
Reid later said the bill's temporary demise will not harm ongoing military operations and would not delay improvements at Walter Reed or delay the 3.5 percent military pay raise also included in the bill.... Now before all you indignant Democratic supporters get your bowls in an uproar, I 'm not saying the Republicans got it right either, (Congress has only a 14% approval rating) All I'm saying is these democrats are proving themselves to be no better than what was there before, Kinda like the CNMI, And probably focuses a picture of the next presidential election, It'll be the same silly shit. .....GED.....

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