Tuesday, July 10, 2007


FROM BRIER PATCH , WEST VIRGINIA. Did anyone ever tell you that you don't know Jack Schitt? Well I want to introduce him to you so you never have to be in that embarrassing situation of not knowing Jack Schitt ever again. Shown here to your immediate left (the man in the picture) is Jack Schitt, right next to him, to his right, is his lovely wife of 57 years, Ima Schitt. Now, this loving, enduring, and till death do us part, relationship produced two handsome sons. They were named.. ( from left to right) as Giva Schitt and Scream'in Schitt. Oh! and the pig was fondly named Peace'a Schitt. Get it? for peace and love, no war and all that crap. Now it seems the two sons found a couple of gals, yup, some real hot to trotters they were, Giva, well he hooked up with a sweetie named Godda and became known as the Godda, Giva Schitt family, while good ol'e Scream'in ran off and eloped with a little lass named, yes, you guessed it, Miss Bluea and they became known from near and far as the Bluea, Scream'in Schitt family. After awhile Giva and Godda produced an offspring, a son, who they fondly named Fly'in and therefore became the Godda, Giva, Fly'in Schitt clan. On the other hand, Scream'in and Bluea got together and created a beautiful little girl and they proudly named her Roni. O.K, I know you got it already, theeee, Bluea, Scream'in, Roni Schitt clan. Now I could go on for two more generations of Schitts but I think its best to give it up now. SO if any, and I mean ANYONE ever tells you that you don't know Jack Schitt, you tell 'um you not only know Jack Schitt, but you also know his whole dang family too.........GED..........

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