Sunday, July 29, 2007


First, the lesson for today is about teacher shortage. Read these excerpts first:
Sunday, July 29, 2007..DUE TO FUNDING PROBLEM, TEACHER SHORTAGE...PSS principals, managers to teach classes full-time. For the first time in many years, public school principals and administrators will be performing double duty this coming school year: running their schools and teaching classes full-time. This has come about because the cash-strapped Public School System does not have enough money to hire the complete number of teachers it needs to man the schools. Due to the lack of teachers, some schools such as Garapan Elementary School will be closing one kindergarten class and six other rooms. Also read the whole story here.... Your lesson assignment ... Now that we have had our lesson and read our assignment, here is the question.. WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE LOBBYISTS AND PUBLICISTS IN WASHINGTON D.C.?..... Your next assignment: To ask the people we elected to run our business, why this happens, who is responsible for this mess and what they might do about it. You are now dismissed for today.... .....GED......


BoReGo said...

A) To plead our case so that we can go ahead and mismanage the money we get anyway.

B) To give all the "big guns" who shall remain nameless at this point someone to blame while they try to figure out how to dig a bigger hole for us.

C) Money smells nicer in cold weather than in dilapidated classrooms.


D) If we actually fixed the education system, we be loosing thousands of literate people who actually think for themselves,vote informed, work for a living and no longer depend on the government.

No, that's not cynicism you smell.

Pj said...

Riddle me this.
According to the recent report from PSS:
If 36% of 11th graders can read at, or above their grade level; (Which is considered an improvement by PSS) that means that 64% read at or below their grade level.
The future isn't looking too bright.

Maybe we should give these tests to the PARENTS?

glend558 said...
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