Monday, July 9, 2007

386- DREAMLINER - 787

A brand new more modern, faster, bigger, lighter, economical, cleaner, and more impressive way to go.... Some facts from the news......EVERETT, Washington (AP) -- Boeing Co. raised the curtain on its first fully assembled 787 on Sunday to an audience of thousands who packed into its wide-body assembly plant for the plane's extravagantly orchestrated premiere. Boeing Chief Executive Jim McNerney said the 787 will bring about a "dramatic improvement in air travel: to make it more affordable, comfortable and convenient for passengers, more efficient and profitable for airlines, and more environmentally progressive for our earth." Boeing has won more than 600 orders from customers eager to hold the jet maker to its promise that the mid-size, long-haul jet will burn less fuel, be cheaper to maintain and offer more passenger comforts than comparable planes flying today. The 787 that debuted Sunday will serve as the first of six flight-test airplanes, while two other planes will be used for static and fatigue tests. The ninth plane off the assembly line will be the first one delivered to All Nippon. The 787-8, the first of three 787 models Boeing has committed to making, has an average list price of $162 million, though customers typically negotiate discounts on bulk orders. ....What a way to go, I can't imagine what might happen 50 or 100 years from now, mind boggling indeed! Can't wait to ride in one. .......GED..... P.S. To Jeff T.: Now they should start work on doing some improvments in the airports, maybe.

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