Monday, July 2, 2007


If you feel like going back in posts go to post #288, titled: "Legislating People" I wrote about how you can't just legislate someone to hire a person just because you think they need a job, especially if they are incapable of doing the job, BUT you can legislate training programs, support the public school system, and help prepare people for responsible employment. Ordering an employer to take unqualified employees will not accomplish anything, not a damn thing. Mr. Tony Pelligrino's letter in the Tribune lays out ways to approach the problem of illiterate people, yes, unable to compete in a normal routine working environment. Now I could go on and on, but read his approach to the situation at hand and just see how you feel after having read the article...GO...
NEEDED IMMEDIATELY: Hundreds of literate resident employees capable of reading and following instructions in work manuals, able to speak correct English, possess ability to write short reports, and perform simple math. Must be motivated to work. If fairly literate, will train actual on-the-job work. Salary commensurate with ability to perform above activities.
To read the whole story, and indeed you must, click on here:......... THE SAIPAN TRIBUNE
This is so heads up to the problem, (Yes, you do have a problem whether you want to face it or not) a problem no one ever brings up. Did the politicians when drafting their new labor reforms address this? Did they acknowledge there could be a problem here, do they even know a lot of the local workforce (now working for the government, is fairly illiterate) No, I'm not gonna be cute, there are some mentally challenged people looking for jobs, and you can pass all the laws and rules you want but until you address the problem of the sorry education a lot of people have received, or not received, it simply won't work. Never will. I'm certainly not here to offend anyone , but the truth must be addressed and Mr. Pelligrino has addressed it better than anyone else I've ever heard. You must read the whole article. You will prevail if you approach this with an open mind and don't take offense. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledging the facts.

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Don't get your hopes too high. Illiterate workers have only NMC Adult Basic Education and PSS's "Advanced Development Institute" to go to. The former could have already solved this problem over the past two years but that old familiar thing of nepotism would have none of it. The latter has a curriculum that provides a high school diploma...for following a curriculum written at the third grade level.