Friday, July 27, 2007


DOES IT REALLY MATTER HOW HIGH THE POWER RATES ARE IF YOU DON'T PAY THEM? How can this government say the higher power rates are hurting them when the don't even pay the goddamn bills. What the hell is this crybaby shit? READ THIS BULLSHIT WILL YA! .........THE Fitial administration, which allowed the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. to double its power rates a year ago, says the high cost of electricity is not just taking its toll on businesses and residents but on the cash-strapped government as well. Our economy is suffering and our businesses and consumers — and even our government — are also suffering from the high cost of public utilities. Clearly, it is in everyone’s best interest, including the administration, to significantly reduce the high cost of power service for maximum economic benefits.”...... Read this whole story here at.. MARIANAS VARIETY. So get off your own sorry asses and do something about it and quit blubbering rivers of sympathy tears. Are you guys not the "leaders"? Just what the hell is your job, then? Just how does the power rates concern you when you don't pay them? Hypocrites, all of this sorry ass government. Do you think we care, that you acknowledge the public and businesses are "suffering" while you go for a free ride. It's probably better if you all just shut the #u< k-up. .....GED.....

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