Wednesday, July 4, 2007


WOW! A BREATH OF FRESH AIR IN THE SENATE, NOW GO EXPLAIN THIS TO THE HOUSE ! It sure makes ones heart feel good when you feel someone is listening to the peoples voices. To Tina Sablan and all the concerned citizens supporting her, even though you may not get enough signatures, in the very short amount of time you had to do this, to get it placed it on the ballot, you must still feel you were heard. It should be refreshing to know your efforts were not in vain.
SIX of the nine senators yesterday endorsed the introduction of legislation that will include lawmakers’ miscellaneous funds to public scrutiny as required by the Open Government Act. Senate Vice President Pete Reyes, Ind.-Saipan; Sens. Maria T. Pangelinan, D-Saipan, and Paterno S. Hocog, R-Rota, were excused. Sen. Paul A. Manglona, R-Rota, and the author of the Open Government Act, prefiled Senate Bill 15-96. Sen. Luis P. Crisostimo, D-Saipan, recommended that all senators endorse S.B. 15-96, to heed the public’s call for more transparency in government. “A lot of people wanted information,” he said. “Let’s jointly introduce this. This is a good piece of legislation and will bring transparency…so that people will see where their money goes. Since we serve the people of the CNMI, they have the right to know where their money goes. According to Manglona, transparency takes precedence over expediency.”“The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created,” he said.The Open Government Act, or P.L. 8-41, was amended by lawmakers in 1994 to exempt the legislative branch from the law. Manglona said lawmakers should realize that the people of the commonwealth do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them. For the whole story click: The Marianas Variety
I complement the Senators for their insight and their ability to hear what the people are saying, makes me wanna shout Yabba, Dabba, Doo (a Fred Flintstone quote) Kudos Senators!
From the "people." .....GED.....

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