Wednesday, July 18, 2007


LET ME EXPLAIN THIS ONE MORE TIME IN THE SIMPLEST WAY I CAN. .(MVA) — The Marianas Visitors Authority says the June arrival numbers continue to show a decline in visitors to the islands. The answer to our challenge is quite straightforward. We need additional airline seats coming into the CNMI to get us out of this dire situation. Without the needed seats, the tourists simply can’t get to our islands and as they choose other destinations to visit, (how do they get there? By boat, car, or walk?) we run the risk of not being able to attract those visitors back to our islands.” HERE IT IS, A STRAIGHT SHOT BETWEEN YOUR EYES: You don't need seats, seats don't want to come here, nor do they spend any money when they do get here. What you need is TOURISTS to fill the seats. Seats don't beget tourists, tourists get seats. Arriving seats don't do you any good, its the tourists in the seats that are helpful, if seats come here without tourists what good is it? The airlines surely don't get paid to bring empty seats. If tourists want to come here they will get seats... If you provide a decent market they will come,.. if they want to come the airlines will fly,.. that's their business anyway, isn't it?.. The airlines want to bring tourists, not seats... Is this really that hard to comprehend? Now, you ask, but why don't the tourists want to come? Just why aren't they attracted here? This is the last time I'm gonna tell you this too. They don't like it here, the beaches, contrary to popular belief are not pristine, but red flagged, in other words, polluted, memorials and attractions are in disrepair and graffiti covered, beaches are dirty and littered, public restrooms are filthy and unkept, prices charged are a rip-offs, cars get robbed and purses get snatched. If you don't get the picture by now, you never will, so forgettaboutitt. .....GED......

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Submit this one as a ltr to the Editors. Just emailing it to MVA would have little effect, but might be an eye opener to a few there.

It's an important message, Glen. Build it and they will come....I heard that somewhere.