Tuesday, July 17, 2007


WHERE DOES THIS EVEN TAKE PLACE? Trivial dribble of nonsense, man. Don't these people have anything more important to do? This is utter stupidity at it's worst, give me a friggin' break. I swore I would stop picking on idiot government sorry sorts but this takes the cake. Morons indeed! Just read this bit of babble, I'm choked, gagged and puking..... Monday, July 16, 2007: Lawmakers want alcohol tastings controlled....Even alcohol tastings will be covered by law if a bill is enacted. House Bill 15-271, passed by the House of Representatives, proposes to apply the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act to wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverage sampling. The bill seeks to establish controlled procedures that must be followed when alcohol is offered for free tasting. It also proposes annual sampling fees to be charged manufacturers, bars, and restaurants selling or serving alcohol. Rep. Stanley T. McGinnis Torres introduced the bill. Reps. Ramon A. Tebuteb, Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero, Arnold I. Palacios, and Candido B. Taman are co-sponsors. (It took five brains to do this?) The bill will become law once approved by the Senate and signed by the governor. Under the bill, businesses cannot offer samples from more than four products at a time. Neither can they display and open more than one bottle of each of the four products to be sampled. In addition, each sample should not be more than two ounces for each product. The legal drinking age of 21 will apply to alcohol tasting. People under 21 are not allowed to consume samples, participate in the activity, or loiter in the premises where the sampling is being held. Manufacturers and wholesale agents will be charged an annual $50 fee for sampling activities. Retail dealers such as bars and restaurants will pay $15. In addition to the sampling provisions, the bill proposes other amendments to the Alcohol Beverage Control Act. For instance, minors will be prohibited not just from sitting at a bar, but from being near a bar as well. Another proposed amendment will ease the ban on stacking drinks by allowing for the bucket sale of alcohol beverage. The bill instructs the Department of Commerce to promulgate implementing regulations within 60 days after the bill is enacted...... I want to take a moment to explain the choice of this title. Whenever an architect did some good work planning the work we were to construct, we would kid him as having spent a lot of time on the toilet, where all good concepts, ideas and thoughts seem to be derived from, you know the place for all good thinking, uninterrupted, a place to dream...... Now, excuse me while I throw up. ......GED.....

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

As a citizen I have to agree with you that it is a silly idea and a ridiculous waste of time and energy.

As a bar owner I have to say it is fuckin' assinine. If they want to gouge a little more money out of us and out of the wholesalers to pay for their junkets, just send us a fucking bill. This bullshit bureaucratic rubber-stamp get-a-permit- and fill out 30 sheeets of paper is just childish rigamarole. I guess maybe it is to fool themselves. it sure doesn't fool anyone else.

There are a lot that needs addressing up on that hill. This is not one of them.