Thursday, July 19, 2007


THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK? Or is it the COW PATTY CALLING THE BULLSHIT SMELLY? Can you believe this shit, well I can't, and I don't know why the hell they think we can't see through this. Check this out....“If the conduct admitted to in (Zachares’) plea agreement is true, it would also appear that Mr. Zachares violated CNMI law by accepting $10,000 from Mr. Abramoff while employed as a CNMI official,” Gregory said. “The CNMI is a victim of the Abramoff conspiracy in other ways, not only in the overcharging of lobbying fees, but most significantly in the besmirching of the commonwealth’s reputation,” he added. (This right here is a bad case of bullshit.) Fitial earlier said he considered Abramoff his and the CNMI’s friend. Now who hired this guy? Did he just push his own way in here and force the CNMI to hand over $11 million dollars? Abramoff successfully blocked legislation to federalize the island’s minimum wage immigration system. Months after Abramoff pled guilty in Jan. 2006, the CNMI government wrote letters to his two former lobby firms seeking restitution of lobby payments estimated at $11 million. And now they have the balls to ask for it back!.. The whole story here.. Marianas Variety . And now we have a new contract, with another lobbyist (renewed) and we're gonna smell like shit again, this is just preposterous. They want us to think they had nothing to do with this scandal. Oh well, still the same, nothing ever changes. .....GED....

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