Monday, May 28, 2007


Asiana Airlines president Joo-An Kang, Saipan Asiana Airlines general manager Kwang Joong Kim, Asiana executive Choong-Sik Kwak, Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Villagomez, Marianas Visitors Authority chairman Jerry Tan, and other dignitaries pose for a photo at the airport during the inaugural flight ceremony of Asiana's first daytime flight to Saipan. A POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE CNMI, FINALLY...
Asiana Airlines' decision to launch new flights to Saipan, as well Kumho Asiana's plans to continue investing in the destination, brings the CNMI even closer to its goal. Add to this are plans for flight service from Pusan. “The reality has been that the Korean outbound market has been very strong as a country. They have now over close to 11 million outbound tourists. And if we can get 2 percent of that, that will be over 200,000,”
“The key is, MVA is not doing it alone. We are fortunate to have Kumho Asiana, with its continuing interest in this route and also the investment in Laolao Bay Golf Resort. And comes from the fact that we have Asiana as a partner in growing the market,”
Isn't this a breath of fresh air for our staggering economy? We wish these efforts all the success and blessings in achieving a long and profitable experience here in he CNMI. Have a good journey. .....GED.....

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