Thursday, May 3, 2007


Well I surely do. Its that little connection through Mr. Willie Tan that bends their opinion. I wrote an article responding to the governors ('paid in full, for what') buddy Dr. Jesus Camacho, and can you guess what? It was never printed, I can't imagine why, I guess opinions that differ from the governor and his cronies don't rate to be placed in the "Tribune."
To bad they are so opinionated to the governor that others can't speak their piece in the "Tribune". No freedom of speech or opinion here at the "Tribune." I'll probably have to resort to publishing this at some "other" place.
Here is Dr. Camacho's letter published by the "Tribune"
.............NOT ON THE SAME PAGE.......
Washington Representative
Pete A. Tenorio said to the media in April 2006: “The NMI is losing credibility in Washinton D.C.” His remark referred to the Abramoff lobbying scandal that resulted in a jail term for the once very powerful Washington D.C. lobbyist. Approximately one year later, Tenorio makes public his viewpoint regarding Governor Fitial's absence from meetings held in Washington D.C.
By criticizing the governor, Pete A has made the situation worse in terms of the credibility and image of the CNMI. He has made it apparent to those individuals and groups in Washington D.C. who are already critical of the CNMI that elected officials of the CNMI and in D.C. are clearly not on the same page.
This fragmentation among elected officials in the CNMI will always work against any progress and the chance of changing a diminishing credibility and image problem in Washington D.C. If Pete A. does not comprehend the damage he is responsible for, then he should step down from his role as Washington representative for the CNMI.
The last thing the CNMI need now is to have a loose cannon in Washington D.C. more concerned about stirring up controversy instead of trying to enhance the credibility and image of the CNMI with a positive and professional perspective that reflects a collegial and collaborative mindset.
Dr. Jesus D. Camacho Delano, California
.........Here is my article that never made the "Tribune."........
Reply to "NOT ON THE SAME PAGE"........
To Dr. Jesus Camacho: Now we finally know why you took all that money from the governor. It's for you to criticize any one that speaks out against your good buddy. It was not Pete A.'s involvement with Abramoff that put this government into the relationship it has in Washington. So take all your cash and shut-up. Keep your opinions where you are, outta here. You've probably spent all your ill gained cash already, so now leave us alone. Pete happened to be elected by far larger % voters than the (less than 30% governor) so let him do the job he is sent there by the voters to do. Keep your worthless opinions to yourself.
GLEN DOUTRICH San Jose, Saipan
Biased don't you think?

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Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

Send it to the Variety. I don't send my stuff to the Tribune just so I don't get upset about stuff like you just said.

I actually think the Tribune isn't as biased as I would expect given the owner. I still prefer the Variety, but there are "plenty" flaws there as well.