Tuesday, May 8, 2007


JUST WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR DUMB-ASS ELECTED OFFICIALS ANYWAY? WHY CAN'T THESE PEOPLE ELECTED TO SERVE, MAKE DECISIONS, ENACT LAWS AND RUN THIS SORRY ASSED GOVERNMENT, EVEN ACCOUNT FOR THEIR FINANCIAL BEINGS..... Boy, this just has to be one sorry fricki'n bunch of idiots. Read on.....ABOUT 48 percent or 201 of the 423 government officials required to file statements of financial interests for calendar year 2006 failed to do so by the May 1 deadline which the Office of the Public Auditor says is “quite disappointing.”“Almost 50 percent did not file on time. It’s quite disappointing,” Public Auditor Mike Sablan told Variety yesterday. He said “OPA has invested significant resources to remind, inform and follow up on the filing. But we will continue to remind them. We consider the filing of financial statements critical in terms of transparency in government.”........Now what the hell do we need to do, throw these bums out on their own dumb asses. Now the OPA will have to follow this group of incompetents around, holding their hands and begging for their compliance, as the OPA doesn't have enough to do without baby-sitting idiots stumbling over their own feet. The public auditor says he's "disappointed, I say let's get really pissed off! See what the OPA must now do........OPA personnel will be on Tinian this Wednesday to assist government officials in filing their statements of financial interests. OPA personnel will also be on Rota on Friday for the same purpose. The public auditor said OPA personnel would be available at the offices of the mayors on the two islands...... Gotta follow these idiots around and kiss-asses. People do not accept this outlandish disregard for the laws by these elected idiots. Let me hear your opinion, me, I'm pissed! .....GED......


Anonymous said...

Hafa Adai, Glen

Glen, If you are so pissed,and ready to piss,then piss it body. No wonder why there so many guest workers for accountant and the recent official proposal to hire outside financial professional to account the CNMI 1 + 1 = 11 system. In addition, furlough all to save policy = to hire more that knows less (-) reduction enforce (=) to hire expensive social worker to say please we are not yet ready for federal take over. Glen, you were so pissed,I am so distressed.

Tim Rota

glend558 said...

TIM: Thanks for your responses, but I really don't understand them. Could you explain them further? I'm not pissed at all, I only like to write about things as I see them. I could care less if the CNMI sank in the ocean. I just like to call idiots out when I see 'um. And there are plenty here.
You don't have to look very hard, because the're everywhere. But on the other hand I know so many really good, kind and friendly people here that make the CNMI a really nice place. Its only the idiots you vote into office to lead you thats depressing. Gotta change that. So thats why I pick on them, not all the good people that I know and appreciate here. Someone has to tell the elected idiots whats up and so many people are afraid to say anything for fear of their jobs, and many other reasons, but I don't give a shit I vote and then bitch, its my right to do so. A lot of Americans died to give us that freedom, so use it, for them... Hows Rota? I lived there for 10 years, Do you know the Baybreeze restaurent? The Rota Resort golf course? Then you know me.