Friday, May 18, 2007


The MVA thinks that the tourists are no longer coming here because the air lines stopped their flights, not so, the airlines stopped coming here because the tourists stopped flying here. See who they blame (from the Tribune).......Due to reduced air service, Japan arrivals plunged by 28 percent last month, the lowest it has ever been since April 1989, according to the Marianas Visitors Authority.
MVA said this is the lowest arrival number in as single month from Japan since April 1989, when the arrivals were at 14,286.
“The continued decline is a direct reflection of reduced air service out of the Japan market,” said MVA.
“Unless we get additional air service out of Japan immediately, we are likely to see businesses continuing to close as well as reduced work hours and potential reductions in force throughout businesses on our islands,” said Aldan-Pierce....... WRONG... AIR FLIGHTS DID NOT REDUCE TOURISTS......LACK OF TOURISTS REDUCED AIR FLIGHTS!!!! Your silly Saipanda is not working, neither are all the governors little trips. Face the truth people don't want to come here anymore. Now you may ask, why? Think it might have anything to do with.... Here we go..... Undrinkable, dirty water?..... Daily power outages, at any given time?.....Red flagged beaches?..... Purse snatching and robberies?.....Outrages price gouging for tourists compared to locals?.....Graffiti on sacred memorials?.....Dirty trashed beaches?....I'll let you keep adding to this list if you like. This is finger pointing at its worst, wake up MVA and find the right reasons no one wants to come here, and don't blame the air-lines. They will fly here if there is a demand by people wanting to see this almost third world island. Place blame where it falls, it is not the air-lines. ......GED.....