Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Isn't the economy at a point, you would think, to stop playing silly games and get down to business of making some money, a bit of income for this sorry government. But NOOO!, not these idiots, they must quarrel over stupid 'who gets the most' out of this plan, all holding out for the bigger share while the island economy suffers. Some excerpts about this.....THE House of Representatives and the Senate have adopted a resolution urging Gov. Benigno R. Fitial to withdraw an administration’s lawsuit that challenges the law reinstating the Pagan mining permit of JG Sablan Rock Quarry. House Joint Resolution 15-19 was introduced by Rep. Candido B. Taman R-Saipan, who said the Pagan mining venture will help increase government revenue collections amid the islands’ worsening economic conditions. ......Now I don't care if its JG Sablan Rock Quarry, or Minnie Mouses Tea Party, get your asses doing something constructive, and stop the greediness. More about Pozzolan.........In Europe and the U.S., natural pozzolan cement is used in constructing high-rise buildings, highways, bridges, harbors, dams, aqueducts and sewer systems. Because the rich pozzolan deposits on Pagan could be mined and quarried for commercial purposes, it would generate immediate revenue for the government, Taman said. Taman said the CNMI continues to suffer when there is actually a “gold mine on Pagan.”He said he is wondering why the Fitial administration is trying to delay a project “that everybody knows can save the commonwealth.”“We actually have natural resources that can benefit us and provide economic opportunities to our people — better public services, better education and better health care,” the lawmaker said. .....What the hell are you idiots waiting for? A typhoon to wipe out the existing materials, or the island to blow and cover the pozzolan so deep it is gone forever? We have a source of revenues lying out there and someone willing to go get it, but it just sits while the governor talks about personnel layoffs. Don't this piss you off too? Business friendly??? Indeed. You let me know how you feel about this, no nice days until you respond. ..........GED........


Anonymous said...

It's natural and easy to be disgusted with political goings-on, especially in the CNMI where politics is less about serving the community than it is about helping your friends. For the Legislation to give the mining rights to John Sablan is exactly that - insiders trying to grab anything of value from the people and put it in their own pockets.

At a glance, you might see what we're all used to seeing - deadlocked and ineffective government. But look closer and you'll see that there is a serious fight going on, and the outcome of that fight is vitally important to everyone who lives in the CNMI.

That fight is between the "help me, my friends and my relatives" politicians who have dominated CNMI politics for 20 years, and a few outnumbered politicians who are trying to do the right thing and ensure that Pagan is protected and that the pozzolan resources benefit everyone.

This is one of those cases where it pays to pay attention.

If John Sablan gets Pagan under the terms of the old permit, then basically John Sablan gets filthy rich while the CNMI gets next to nothing except a ruined island and an expensive clean-up bill.

If you know about John Sablan, you know that he is a major polluter, a terrible businessman, and the last person that you would want to do business with.

Case in point - Pagan. He had that permit for about 15 years and wasted it. He not only failed to produce, but he kept everyone else off Pagan and he left a big mess. He broke the terms of the mining permit in many, many ways; including failing to develop the resource, failing keep records, failing to stay within the boundaries of the permit, failing to develop a mining plan, and even for trying to reassign the permit to 3rd parties. The list goes on. It's all public record too.

That is why the permit was legally terminated. And the only reason John Sablan held on to that permit for so long is that he's got friends in the Legislature - friends who continue to help him to this day.

JS Sablan also polluted Lower Base with leaking oil drums and batteries that were contaminating the soil. John Sablan ignored EPA citings on that one. Another case in point - Yap island where he abandoned a vessel that leaked oil into Yap lagoon. He skipped town on that one.

The last thing that the CNMI needs is for John Sablan to be back on Pagan!

What the Governor and Congresswoman Cinta Kaipat are trying to do is to treat the mining opportunity in a professional, well-considered manner that will maxamize the revenues to the CNMI and protect the long-term interests of the community by ensuring that the company that wins the contract is capable, responsible and successful. What you're hearing from the friends of John Sablan are desperate attempts to stop that from happening. They know JG Sablan will never win in a competitive bid situation and there's nothing in for them if that happens.

So pay attention. When the Sablan friends shout "the CNMI is desperate for cash", ask yourself if that is any reason to squander a multi-million dollar resource. If you were broke, would you sell your car to a crook for $100 so he could sell it for $20,000 and keep the profit? That's pretty much exactly what the Sablan friends are recommending. Except that they'll also dump the old oil on your driveway too boot!

Anonymous said...

Despite numerous proposals that an RFP would be forthcoming regarding the removal of pozzolan from Pagan, it never materialized. It appears that the pozzolan removal will go to a good old boy who has consistently failed to abide by the terms of his original agreement with the CNMI, and who has failed to provide any indication of how much royalty would be paid to the CNMI. So much for open government. At least the last group that attempted to reach an agreement provided an open plan that detailed how much the CNMI would receive. Be nice to see them again.