Thursday, May 17, 2007


SO WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR HURRY, IS IT IGNORANCE AND / OR STUPIDITY?.. Why do you have to drive like maniacs to go ten or less miles? I'm driving on Beach Road or Middle road and you can never tell when the next idiot will come screaming by, only to be 20 feet in front of you at the next red light. What for? Gotta just be ahead, or is it a macho thing? I'm in the right lane, a fool screams past, swerves into the right lane and passes another car that is in the left lane, swerves back to the left lane and skids to a stop at the red light that he couldn't run through because traffic was already moving. I'm still right at the same place he is at, only I didn't kill, or endanger anyone to get there. Why are people here so stupid? For what ? Don't you realize there is nothing important enough to make one drive like idiots? Stop this ignorant shit. Drive like a human being. This is a small island, why would anyone be in such a hurry?
Where the hell are you going that is important enough to kill someone on the way? Stop the stupidity....... ......GED......

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