Monday, May 28, 2007


Gov. Ben FitialFINALLY WE HAVE A SMART MOVE ON THE PART OF THE GOVERNOR........... Fitial Orders Garment Hiring Stopped: Gov. Benigno R. Fitial has ordered the Department of Labor to stop garment factories from hiring any new workers..... Forecasting the “fast-tracked demise” of the garment industry to follow the new federal wage hike law, the governor said that no additional garment workers should be allowed into the CNMI until those displaced are hired or sent home. What an novel idea, now this is some smart thinking on the part of our belittled governor. A man who has been ridiculed and abused for all the problems here in the CNMI. A moment of brilliance shines through the gloomy overcast on Capitol hill. Governor you must be commended for your insight into this sensitive matter and be applauded for your outstanding decision making. Keep up the good work, things are looking up! ......GED......

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