Monday, May 28, 2007


So you want to induce government workers into the private sector's workforce. Well you can't legislate work ethics, people skills, politeness, reliability to show up, education and training, the ability to get a job done, dependability, workmanship, and all the requirements deemed necessary in the private sector that is not common in the government work place. What makes you think you can legislate a government worker to leave a cushy job with no responsibilities and go work for a private sector wage and have to actually show up and work, like in, being productive, earning their keep with their own skills and abilities. To have them go to work in a place where they can actually get fired for insubordination, stealing, rudeness and other reasons that are not in place in the public workplace. You will find out that legislating public workers to the private sector won't work at all. You must legislate training and education, support the schools, make wages applicable to all people, and not only favor unskilled government dependents. As long as you have a two tiered wage system you will have a two tiered workforce. Pass all the goofy laws you want but you won't succeed unless the system is the same for all. You must level the playing field for the whole community and stop favoring one special section of people, (voters) otherwise there will always be problems. How many times were the labor laws changed and amended, over and over again, didn't work did it? Has never worked, Has it? Never will work, ever.. But things won't change, the same old stale people will keep passing the same old stale laws, the "in one day", "out the next day" system, never succeeding to make any real improvements. As long as you don't change the people that legislate these stupid laws they all will still remain the same. Same old legislators, same old legislation, over and over. Lets all hope and VOTE for a better tomorrow. .....GED.....

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