Friday, May 25, 2007


THIS IS TO ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE, LIKE ME, BUSTING OUR ASSES TO MAKE ENDS MEET. Now I'm going to show you a little scenario that you can't believe. First, The CNMI Government does not pay its utility bills, the reason for this, is, they think CUC is cheating them and not charging the proper rates, so they got a TRO ( temporary restraining order) from the court to allow them not to pay their utility bills, all of them, even though they dispute the water bill, they don't pay a goddamn thing. You and I are carrying them! So is CUC cheating them? Then you might think are they(CUC) are cheating us too? Probably, but this is not the point now. This sorry ass government is so corrupt that they not only don't pay their bills, their employees steal everything they can get also. Let me quote a few newspaper headlines......Friday, May 25, 2007...CUC supervisor, 5 others arrested. Authorities arrested yesterday a Commonwealth Utilities Corp. supervisor and four other employees who, in exchange for cash, allegedly conspired to reconnect individuals who have been disconnected or to not disconnect delinquent accounts. CUC reportedly incurred losses of over $300,000 because of this........ Makes you proud to be here paying your bills on time, doesn't it? Now lets get to the bigger problem This sorry government. Just how does this make you feel, every time you cough up $250.00 dollars each month for your power bills?....Thurs May 24:.....Gov’t owes CUC nearly $5M. At least 28 agencies of the central government have delinquent accounts with the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. for more than two months, amounting to over $4.6 million. The Public School System has the biggest arrears at over $1.226 million. The Department of Public Health comes in second with unpaid bills of $665,276.97 as of April 30, 2007. The Department of Public Works owes CUC $532,067.08 while the Department of Public Safety’s arrears for the same period totaled $395,035.13. The Department of Finance’s unpaid utility bills total $137,374.80. The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs owes CUC more than $105,000. The unpaid utility bills of the governor’s office have reached more than $130,000, while those of the Attorney General’s Office amount to $9,272.37. Other government agencies with delinquent accounts are: the Board of Parole — $178.15; the Election Commission — $512.47; the Criminal Justice Planning Agency — $7,478.08; the Civil Service Commission — $1,439.06; Developmental Disabilities — $2,350.74; the Division of Environmental Quality — $13,259.13; the Department of Lands and Natural Resources — $10,174.60; the Department of Commerce — $5,405.78; the Department of Corrections — $94,611.23; and the Emergency Management Office — $25,369.50.The judicial branch owes CUC $230,276.22.The legislative branch’s unpaid utility bills total $74,909.73; the museum — $31,251.04, while those of the Northern Islands Office were $9,420.16. Northern Marianas College has arrears of more than $60,000 while those of the Office of Personnel Management were $787.90. The Workforce Investment Agency owes more than $5,000. Among the mayors’ offices, Rota has the highest arrears at $484,688.75; Saipan — $10,961; and Tinian — $357,714.21...... And you and I will have our power disconnected if we don't pay ......What the hell is up with this goddamn shit? How is this supposed to work, you pay your bill and get milked, you complain and steal, that works? This is terribly wrong, and has to stop! People make sure to vote this time around, but alas, you will only get more of the same because the same people always run for election, with no new ideas or efforts to improve anything, a sorry goddamn situation at the least. I am pissed off and you should be too. We gotta stop this friggi'n mismanagement of this island...Now!.......GED......

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