Friday, May 11, 2007

250- EIC TAX

DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH THIS FRAUD? ARE YOU IDIOTS? NOW HERE COMES THE FUN, PAYING IT BACK......The following is the easy part, the paying will be the hard part. The easy part, now isn't this just a barrel of fun? I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do doing then filing more forms and, after paying back what you scammed, waiting on the penalty phase. Here are your first steps......HOW TO RETURN EIC TAX REFUND
1. File Form 1040X, the Amended U.S. Tax Return
2. Clearly write on top of the form “GUAM-CNMI ERRONEOUS REFUND”
3. Fill in the name, Social Security number, and current address
4. Leave columns A and B blank
5. Put zeros in column C
6. Sign the Form 1040X
7. Write the amount of your erroneous refund on Line 21
8. On Page 2, include the statement “Return should not have been filed. I have no U.S. IRS filing requirement.” If your bank account was frozen because of an EITC refund, write 'My bank account was frozen because of an erroneous EITC refund.”
9. Somewhere around here is "write a check for the refund." Truly the fun part.
What the hell were you thinking? You can defraud the government and they won't know it? Is that what you thought? Well shit is starting to go downhill and you are in it. Sure is a mess I wouldn't want to be in. .......GED.......

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