Thursday, June 14, 2007


THIS WILL BE THE YEAR OF THE INDEPENDENTS...... Why, you may ask, well lets think about it.... First the Republicans, who can't even get along with themselves, are arguing with each other and failed miserably the last time they were given the reins of the government, so who would vote for Republicans? Second the Covenant Party, the "better times" idiots, the very ones who promised to lower the power rates and are now failing, to say the least, so who wants to be hitched to that wagon? Third the Democrats, is there really a party out there, let me know if there is, and just what they are doing, if anything, not very promising at all, who will vote for them? The only thing left is to be an Independent, free of all the baggage the parties carry and be free to express your own thoughts and new ideas. If you are going to campaign with whistles, horns, banners, slogans, signs and the ever stupid yelling "Biba," you can forget about it also. Put out your own definite platform, plans, ideas, get your message across in a modern way with modern technology, write out and publish your plans for people to read and comprehend, Make plans and explain how you will execute them, tell not only what you will do, but how. And most important, don't lie, the people are smarter then that. Don't promise things you know can't be accomplished, but choose to say it anyway because you think people want to hear it. If you follow these simple guidelines you will have success. Do the right things and the right things will come to you! We need progressive, strong and independent leaders with new ideas. That could be you. .......GED........

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