Saturday, June 30, 2007


DPL rejects land request for motocross/drag race facilities
THE Department of Public Lands has rejected the land request for motocross and drag race facilities in Marpi, citing the administration’s position in reserving public lands (screw the public) for new investors (we can steal from them) that will help boost the economy. O.K. Who are these new investors, What will they do, When are they coming, Where are they? DPL Secretary John Del Rosario Jr. acknowledged the importance and the benefits the existing motocross facility and proposed drag race facility in terms on providing a designated site for these types of activities and the importance of having a safe and supervised setting for our youths ( screw the kids) to conduct these sorts of activities,” “(But) in light of the administration’s position in getting the highest economic return (payouts, under the table bribes) possible on all developable public lands, we are deferring the request at this time.” Just How is this being accomplished and Why aren't we seeing anything happening to even possibly believe this crock of bullshit?

Eric A. Cruz, president of the Marianas Racing Association, said they are disappointed with DPL’s decision. I thought that the governor himself express full support toward all entities dealing with tourism business or promotions. Where are those promises?” Cruz said in a letter to DPL. He said their proposed facilities will attract tourists and encourage island people to spent time in fun and worthwhile activities. He added that “there’s something fishy going on.”

The Who, What, When ,Where, How any Why of this issue. Don't they know how much fun and excitement racing would bring to this island, not to mention the enjoyment of the tourists, racers, fans and locals alike. Racing is one of the fastest growing sports today, it is also an economy booster to boot, just look at Guam and all the expansions and improvements they have added to the sport on their island, why do we exist in the distant past? I'll tell you why. Same old politicians, no new ideas, no forward thinking, same old shit over and over again, damn it gets tiresome doesn't it? Let me hear the real reasons behind this "fishy" decision, show me the research that was done to arrive at this notion, show me the real live "High End" investors clamoring to put their economy boosting developments in Marpi. In other words: Show me the money! Tell us all about how this will go down the who, what, when, where, how and why not racing.

Nothing will ever change, same-o same-o, now this is starting to sound like another post.


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