Monday, June 11, 2007


These Einsteins think they have found the right way, but alas, they seem to be doing something completely wrong. Read all about it..........There were these two not so bright guys who had to get across the desert. Since they didn't have enough money for a car, they decided to buy a camel. The camel dealer promised them that the camel would get them across the desert if they made sure he was full of water before they left. They took the camel down to the water hole, but the camel would not drink. So finally the first guy says: "I have a idea, why don't I hold his head down in the water, and you suck on his butt. That way the water will be drawn up into him like a straw." The second guy thought about this for a while and finaly agreed. After a while the first guy asks "Well is it working?" The second guy replied "I think it is going to work, but you have to pick his head up just a little because I'm just getting mud." Yep, just raise the front end a bit and it will clear up everything.

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