Thursday, June 14, 2007


The following are some excerpts taken from the local news.........Alleged move to 'decriminalize' marijuana slammed.
The Attorney General's Office became the subject of intense criticism due to an alleged proposal to legalize marijuana in the Commonwealth. Senate Vice President Pete P. Reyes lashed at Attorney General Matthew T. Gregory who reportedly wants marijuana decriminalized in a bid to raise revenue for the government....... Well this is surely some progressive thinking that I thought I would never hear in the CNMI. Bravo to an open minded A.G. I agree 100% with this idea. Farm it, sell it, tax it, control it, and make a lot of money from it. This would bring way more tourists then any of a 100 trips to Japan by the governor or any moneys (that they don't have) spent by the MVA. Think about it. I challenge you to research this, educate yourselves and use an open mind, then put it up for a vote. You will be surprised, I promise. Now if you act like Pete Reyes, the old fart, and spout off before you really know anything about what you are shooting off about, then you will remain ignorant. Just listen to old Pete........“Just the idea that the highest law enforcement of the land is even thinking about it is very disheartening, frightening. It gives the impression that we're so desperate to generate some money that we would sell our souls,” Reyes said.....Well Pete maybe you should come down from Capital Hill and see who is desperate, surely it isn't you now is it? Well Pete, he(the A.G. ) is at least thinking, what have you thought about lately, getting reelected, not having open books for the public to see, hiding your workings? Anything new from your little mind??? Nothing? Then shut-up.
To the AG...Go ahead, hold a conference, do research, find all you can find out about this and don't let the old fogeys stop you, keep it up you are on a good track. Bravo!... .....GED.......

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