Saturday, June 16, 2007


As I've been saying all along do you think this regular sight at our "pristine" beaches would have any, if only a little, affect on the tourist industry, the very thing we are crying about, that no one is coming here anymore? What would you do if you and your family saved for a year to take that awaited vacation to "beautiful" Saipan, scrimped and sacrificed to make your dream become a reality, arrived here, registered at the Hafa-Adia Hotel, threw off your traveling clothes, jumped in your swimsuit anxious to hit the water and rushed out to a contaminated, red flagged beach? Sure sounds like it would be a huge letdown to me. This is not an occasional happening, this is a regular occurrence, quite a normal thing here to DEQ. Can't any of the crybabies trying to get tourists to come here, see if anything can be done? Who is responsible for this? Here's just what I'm talking about, in todays news, read on. ........... DEQ red-flags six Saipan beaches.........
The Division of Environmental Quality has raised the red flag on six beach sites on Saipan after samples showed excessive concentrations of fecal indicators bacteria.The affected sites are Paupau Beach, Hafa-Adai Hotel, Hafa-Adai Hotel drainage, Garapan Beach Drainage, Diamond Hotel, and Hidden Beach.The division said that samples collected from these locations contained concentrations of enterococci ( E-coli) that exceeded the CNMI Marine Water Quality Standards. These bacteria can indicate the presence of human and animal waste in the water. To adequately address public health concerns, DEQ has given these locations a red flag and advises the public not to fish or swim within 300 feet of these locations for the next 48 hours or until otherwise notified......... Now I know I not only would never come back to this "mess", but would tell everyone I saw to never come here either. Amazingly no one here even seems to (no pun intended) give a shit! Well I guess its just another day in Paradise. Now have a cool swim today. .......GED.......
P.S. Hint, Hint..Clue, Clue.. Do you think that maybe that big pile of an uncontrolled and unmanaged dump site along the oceans edge in Puerto Rico, that is an environmental disaster, at its best, might have something to do with this? Do you think, maybe? ..... Naw, not a chance. they know what they're doing. Sure!.. Pristine indeed! .....GED..... again

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